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The impact of the pandemic has changed so many things in several organizations. From having to adapt to a new system of doing things such as finding new ways to communicate, manage and evaluate employees to shifting completely to remote work, the culture of many companies has been altered permanently.

As the pandemic begins to ease, however, many companies are planning a new combination of remote and on-site working, a hybrid-virtual model in which some employees are on-premises, while others work from home. The new model promises greater access to talent, increased productivity for individual small teams lower costs, more individual flexibility, and improved employee experiences.

Navigating through the technicalities of transitioning has exposed some of the weaknesses and strengths of both employees and management.

Advantages of working from home

Working from home has both it’s pros and cons just like any other working condition and these cons if properly managed can help ease the transition. Some of the advantages of working from home include the safety of the employees, having a more flexible schedule, saves time that would have been spent commuting to and from work, and increases productivity.


Disadvantages of working from home

The disadvantages faced by both management and staff of different organizations include limited advancement as a result of not being seen physically which can cause a delay in promotions. The solution to this is to constantly keep in touch with colleagues and superiors. Another issue is job burnout, not knowing when to stop can lead to a whole new level of stress with no physical separation between work and leisure time. Other disadvantages are; less collaboration, technology,  misreading communications, and difficulty in changing scenery.

Working remotely has clear benefits even though no situation can be entirely perfect. However, since this is a new reality, we have to learn to make it work.

Making remote work a success

Approached in the right way, the new model can help you make the most of talent wherever it resides, while lowering costs and making your organization’s performance culture even stronger than before. Through clear communication, honesty, a strong team spirit, and adjustment of goals and expectations, companies have a prime opportunity to shape their employees’ experiences for the better.

Do you have suggestions, tips, and solutions to other challenges that arise from working remotely, feel free to share in the comment section.

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