SEO and SEA: Benefits and Differences


When it comes to marketing, you often hear terms such as SEO and SEA. Have you ever wondered what these terms mean and how beneficial they are to your online marketing styles? In this post, we tell you all about it. If after reading it you still have questions or can use help with online marketing, do not hesitate to contact us. We can assist you with the online visibility of your business.

SEO and SEA: The Meaning

Search Engine Optimization commonly knows as SEO is a collective term for all activities carried out to ensure that your website scores are higher in the organic results of search engines such as Google. Search Engine Advertising (SEA) on the other hand, revolves around advertising. When using SEA, search engines will show ads for your business in the search results above the organic results. Both forms of online marketing are of course aimed at attracting more traffic to your website. It seems from the above descriptions that SEO is free and you have to pay for SEA. However, the difference is not that simple. The SEO activities that you undertake can be, for instance, the collaborations for which you pay. A budget is often also required for SEO.

Differences between SEO and SEA

SEO is quite a slow process where you cannot expect results from one day to the next. It takes a lot of time to position your website on different keywords and to get a higher position in the results of the search engines. It also depends on the activities of competitors, who possibly work on a better organic position at the same time. However, if you do it well, you benefit from it in the long term. SEO can ensure that your website gets a good position in the search results for a long time. SEA, on the other hand, is direct. Once your ads have been approved, they will be shown with the relevant search terms. You can therefore expect more clicks to your website almost immediately. At the same time, it is short-lived. Once you stop the ads, you will no longer notice any effect.

How to measure results

The results of SEO activities are difficult to measure. We would advise using an SEO tool that monitors the position of the keywords you are working on. This way you can see whether the work performed has an effect and improves your SEO position. When you pay for advertising (SEA), you immediately see how much you have spent on a campaign and how many clicks (and possibly even conversions) it has produced. However, because the ads in the search results are marked as such in for example Google, some people do not click on the ads and scroll directly to the organic results. Ads can be seen as very commercial. Also, there is always a limited number of advertisements shown.

The decision to use either SEO or SEA depends on the business type and the goals that need to be achieved. SEA works well if you want to quickly increase traffic to your website. SEO is very suitable if you want to work on the visibility of your website in the long term. It works optimally if you can use a combination of both activities. Do you want to know more? Do not hesitate to contact us today and get a free consultation.


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